Agreed. I love the compatibility and gaming aspect of Windows but the overall interface of OS X. Dual-booting a Hackintosh has me covered in both bases. Best part about it, my pretty high-end rig is extremely easy to hackintosh with full sleep/video/audio/internet even though it was nowhere on my mind when building… » 8/20/14 11:37am Yesterday 11:37am

I can't stand the buyer-names-the-price scenario. Either the amount will be too low and get scoffed/laughed at by the seller or it'll be too high and overpay. Even if you do manage to say a number you both agree on, there's a good chance you'll walk away wondering if you should have said lower then. If the seller is… » 8/18/14 7:36am Monday 7:36am

I don't have kids so I can't too much to the topic but it does remind me of my friends who had cyber-parenting programs on their computers when we were kids. I always knew more about the tech than my parents so they didn't bother going the software route (more focused on physically monitoring) so I considered it my… » 8/12/14 11:05am 8/12/14 11:05am

After a certain extent I care more about available bandwidth than speed. I'm currently at 50/5 on Time Warner with no cap but would take a cut to speed if it meant getting rid of the cap. I can wait to obtain stuff, it's being limited on the amount that bothers me. » 8/12/14 5:34am 8/12/14 5:34am

See, why can't Lifehacker do this with their titles? Italicizing makes it clear what's part of the title of the subject (game in this case) and what's not. LH doesn't do that so their app names blend right in with the rest of the title often making you need to re-read it 5x to understand what it says. Tiny gripe but… » 8/02/14 5:37pm 8/02/14 5:37pm

Do custom folder icons stick when you put it in the sidebar? If not is there a way to change the icons in the sidebar? I want to have various folders on other drives than where OS X is but then they don't have the icons the stock folders do. I'd love to use the stock sidebar icons on folders outside the os drive. » 7/31/14 2:16pm 7/31/14 2:16pm

That's partly why I stopped using it. I still have it installed to check out the latest themes that get added but I could never get past the feeling that I was always running a fullscreen app and was never truly at the home screen. I don't get that with any other launchers so I'm not sure why I do with themer. » 7/30/14 5:54am 7/30/14 5:54am