I know it's early but do any visual styles work with it? I'm on 8.1 but can't stand the hard corners everywhere so I use a custom style that changes that. I'm interested in trying out 10 but am tempted to wait until someone assists in changing the look of it. » 1/21/15 11:58am 1/21/15 11:58am

If I found a lonely business card in a coat pocket I wouldn't think it contained the info of the coat owner but that they received it from someone else and put it in their pocket. From what I've seen, people keep their own business cards in stacks so they have multiple to hand out unless they're keeping a one-off in… » 1/18/15 7:00am 1/18/15 7:00am

Another thing is to consider promotional code type discounts. Amazon doesn't generally run too many of them and they're pretty specific when they do. A different site may appear more expensive at first but if they use promo codes, the final total may be lower than Amazon. » 1/14/15 2:47pm 1/14/15 2:47pm

I agree. It feels since Jobs passed that Apple, in large part, has switched from innovation to catch up. Admittedly I'm an Android/PC guy but always had great interest in keeping up on Apple news and watching their conferences to see what new stuff they came up with and where the industry is headed. Lately it's been… » 1/08/15 12:39pm 1/08/15 12:39pm

This is pure speculation but it could be because other topics can be directly related to something, such as race for example. Religion is so broad and nondescript that in order to censor based on religious offense would open it up for incredible abuse. Somebody could report just about any image claiming it offends… » 1/03/15 9:18pm 1/03/15 9:18pm

Those are incorrect definitions for those words. Atheism is the rejection of a claim that a God does exist. Believing "no gods exist" is a separate claim entirely. If you say 'no' to one does exist you're considered an atheist. One who actively believes 'no gods exist' is usually considered a strong atheist or… » 12/22/14 6:57am 12/22/14 6:57am

While I see your points, I've always felt cruises were the better choice for me because people brag endlessly about the alcohol at all-inclusives but I don't drink which would drop the value significantly. Also, I love the fact that cruises take you to multiple places so there's something new to see and do every day. » 12/15/14 6:21pm 12/15/14 6:21pm